Ava-Grace is growing up to be my kind of a girl. A real girls girl. A real girly girl. Every morning she watches me in fascination as I get ready for work and all she wants is “stick” (lip stick – actually its just lip ice for her), a swipe of my blusher brush across her cheeks and a spray of perfume.

When I leave in the mornings she always tells me I look pretty and ooh’s and aah’s over my accessories. She’s also NUTS about wigs!

When I come home from work/going out, I’m required to hand over my handbag and take off my necklace and bangles or bracelets for her to parade around in. She has also started asking for earrings, something I won’t consider yet as I feel she’s too young.  And she’s also really fascinated by my tattoo… wonder when she’ll start asking for one of those?

Recently she discovered the joy of nail polish and now asks to have her nails painted at least once a week. On the odd occasion when I have relented, she sits perfectly still and watches in deep fascination as I paint her tiny little nails pink.

Tiny Pink Nails