We’re almost there, almost all saved up for our upcoming IVF. So far, we have R23 500! Yesterday, we sat and did our budgets and very grudginly gave up large portions of our Christmas bonuses to throw into the IVF money pit. And of course, all that does is raise feelings of extreme guilt on my part. I hate the fact that we have to give up so much for this. I see our family and friends going on overseas holidays, but we can’t, we have to save for blasted IVF. I see friends and family buying new cars or redoing their homes, but we can’t, we have to save for blasted IVF.

So our target is R35K in the bank before starting, I”m expecting the IVF to cost R30K give or take, but I want the extra buffer for just in case. You just never know if you need additional stimming drugs or rescue ICSI or assisted hatching or any of those things. Not that I’ve ever needed those extra goodies before, but the last time I did IVF I was still on the right side of 35, and not on the downward spiral to 40 so I may just need a little bit of extra help along the way.

Oh well, only another R11 500 to go. Now I can kick my own arse for not getting a grip on my spending sooner, I mean, if it weren’t for my lavish spending over the previous two months we would be fully saved up by now. But no, I went along rebelliously spending that money and now we have to pay the price. We’ve had to cancel our New Years Eve plans as we were going to go away for a few days with my cousin and that would have cost us a few thousand rands. We were also planning a long weekend away at the coast for the Easter Weekend in April, but the cost up front for that was around R5K so we’ve had to cancel that. But I just keep telling myself that in the end, all these sacrifices, all the things we give up for this, it will be worth it.

I’m reminded of the beautiful quote that Elize had on her blog a while ago:

“I never said it would be easy, I said it would be worth it.”  Author Unknown

I really really hope so!!!!