So Ava has been sleeping through from 12 weeks of age. She has started teething and her gums are driving her to distraction. Her fingers are permanently in her mouth and if you put your hand anywhere near her mouth, she bites you! ๐Ÿ™‚ Or tries to anyway, anything for relief of the itching gums.

The itching has, in the past week, reached a point where she can no longer sleep through the night without it disturbing her. She is now waking up every night at around 3am to stick her fingers in her mouth and is refusing her dummy. This went on for about 5 nights in a row. She wakes up, chats to herself, I go in the room, she starts kicking and waving her arms and legs, I put her dummy in, I walk out the room… rinse and repeat about 10 times between 3am and 5am and what do you get? A bloody exhausted mommy! And a baby that thinks she can win me over with her smile for a chat in the middle of the night!

So on Thursday night last week, I’ve started a new tactic but I’m wondering if I’m being mean???

Now when she wakes up, I go into her room once! Rub Parsonal on her gums and walk about. I leave the sensor mat for her baby monitor on so that if there’s a problem the alarm will still sound and of course I will hear that from my bedroom. But the receiver in our bedroom I switch off and I go back to sleep. My ears are so well-trained to the sound of my own baby’s cry, that if she does cry I still wake up even though the receiver is off in our room.

This means that I am at least getting more sleep and I hope in the process teaching her that nobody really wants to chat or talk or play games in the middle of the night.

I’ve done it now for 4 nights in a row without issue.

Or am I just being mean and lazy???