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Hannah is 11 months old today! I actually cannot believe it, this past year, while being extremely challenging, has also totally flown by. She is, naturally, a very different kind of child to Ava and it has taken some time to adapt to her unique needs, moods and requirements.

She is far ahead of the curve in terms of her physical development, crawling early, walking at 9/10 months and now at 11 months, she is running & climbing. She is far more boisterous than Ava ever was as a baby and is forever banding her head or bumping herself as she tears around the house.

Her nickname has evolved to FOMO because missy doesn’t miss a thing and she doesn’t like to be excluded from ANYTHING. She has a very curious nature which often gets her into trouble – like climbing up onto chairs when I’m not looking and then getting stuck, she also loves to sneak off with our cell phones and TV remotes and Oh Lordy, if you try to take it away from you, she has a melt down of epic proportions.

She has also started talking a little, her current vocabulary includes:





Which I think is pretty impressive for 11 months.

She really has been a very easy and also extremely difficult baby but the past year has flown by and I’m looking forward to and dreading what she will be like when she’s older, she’s extremely head strong and even my mom has mentioned that she can be quite bad tempered, in comparison to Ava who is very easy going, I think this could make for really extra Terrible 2’s.

We have started planning her 1st birthday part and you know, when you know better you do better and there is no way in hell I will be putting on a spectacle of ridiculous OTT like I did for Ava’s 1st birthday. We’re doing a very low tea at home, with a cake, cupcakes, & cake pops with our family & very closest friends and that’s it.

I’ve ordered Hannah’s cake, cupcakes and cake pops from the super talented Jane & Learn2Craft, how utterly gorgeous, this is what she’ll be getting:

Birthday Cake Cake PopsWe’re not even having a photographer, I’ve decided to snap a few casual shots myself and we’ll do a proper family shoot in April after we’ve moved into our new house.

Funny how much simpler things are with your second child? Far less fuss, far less stress.




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