An Uneasy Calm

I guess that would be the best way to explain how I’m feeling right now. You’ll recall that a while ago I wrote a piece about what to expect when I’m expecting, and I really anticiated being overcome by anxiety again this time around but so far its been ok. Don’t get me wrong, I have moments when I’m overcome by anxiety but so far they’re the exception more than the rule. We were away for the weekend which was probably a good thing, kept me distracted. But there were a couple of moments over the weekend when I’d stop what I was doing and frantically start searching for a bathroom to do a frantic pantie check but so far so good. I think this weekend was good, it also gave me a chance to have the news settle a bit. I mean, I’m 3 days late for AF, so I guess I can accept that I did not imagine the phone call saying I’d had a BFP.

So the next big hurdle is tomorrow when I go for my repeat beta, which should be in the region of 150 – 200 (God willing) and for now I’m feeling fairly calm. My last pregnancy my first beta was very similar to this time around  – CD27 = 29 ; CD29 = 79; CD31 = 201 so I’m anticipating the same kind of climb this time around. So I guess there’s nothing to do except wait it out and see what tomorrow brings…


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