Just got the call from the lab this morning, out of our 3 possibles yesterday, 2 have started to divide. We now have 14 embryo’s growing and dividing in the lab. I’m so happy that I burst into tears when they told me this morning.

I’ve still got a fair amount of pain, my stomach is extremely bloated, I could pass for 8 months pregnant, normally bodily functions are fairly uncomfortable, my ovaries ache and I want to cry every time I sneeze, but at the rate this IVF is progressing, its worth it.

W and I had a chat this morning about why this IVF has progressed so much better than our previous attempts, I certainly think that the change in meds has had an impact. I also suspect that the lifestyle changes I’ve made in the past 3 months have played their part as well. Since January, I’ve limited my alcohol in take to only 2 glasses of wine per week, I’ve cut out all carbs after 15hoo daily and I’ve increased my intake of fatty fish like Salmon and Mackrel and I truly believe this must have had an impact.

I turn 37 in exactly 3 months andΒ  yet this IVF is better than the IVF’s I had when I was 35. Way more eggs, higher percentage fertilization and longer life of the embryo’s.

So tomorrow we go in for a meeting with our RE and the lab to have a look at our babies and decide on a 3 or 5 day transfer and also on how many to put back. To be honest, I’m leaning towards a 5 day transfer and putting 3 embryo’s back but W almost faints every time I mention this so we’ll see what the RE suggests. My feeling simply is that the chances of all 3 taking are so low, especially given my age, that I’d like to give myself the greatest chance as possible for having ONE baby.

But lets see what tomorrow holds!