Dumped Baby
And guess where I was this morning?
Attending a breakfast hosted by the National Adoption Coalition for the launch of their Community Engagement Programme.
Where they shared some statistics that were truly saddening:
  • Over 2000 babies were abandoned or deserted in South Africa in 2010
  • Over 2 million children who have been orphaned in South Africa
  • Adoptions are down by approximately 18% from  2010 with only 2013 adoptions taking place between 1 April 011 – 31 March 2012
  • A UNICEF study of 50 African countries into the number of orphaned children per country found South Africa to have some of the highest number
And this morning the ANC are marching in protest of a stupid painting. Really? In the bigger scheme of things, does a painting warrant such outrage when babies are literally dying on our streets?
Today, my heart is sad.