Eight years ago today, Walter and I got married in a beautiful, candle lit ceremony, just after a beautiful Highveld sunset. We’d been together for 2 years, engaged for a year. I’d just turned 30, he had, a few months previously, just turned 26. We’d just finished building our house and moving in.

The world was our oyster, there were so many opportunities and adventures to be had. When we embarked on this adventure, we had no idea what lay ahead. Within months of getting married we’d be knocked down by the first of our miscarriages. We’d also move to Mozambique and live the life of expats, with all the drama, laughter and adventure packing up and moving to a third world country, in the process of rebuilding after many decades of civil war.

I can’t believe its been 8 years. In some respects, it feels like a life time, like we’ve always been together, like this is just how its always been, how it was always intended to be. In other ways, it all feels like just yesterday! In September we will have been together for 10 years – WOW!

I love you with all my heart my love. You are my best friend, my soul mate, the person who knows just by looking at me, what I’m thinking and what I’m feeling. The person who has always been sensitive to my hurts, who’s always known my needs and who has strived to always see those needs fulfilled. The person who has put my needs before his own. The person who is a provider and a protector but also an equal partner. The father of our child, a good, loving, kind and involved father.

What more could I woman ask for? I am blessed to know you, I’m blessed to share my life with you. I’m constantly in awe of your loving nature and forgiving spirit. I am richer for knowing you.

Here’s to many more years together, full of struggles and adventures and joy and companionship.