This weekend we inched a little closer to taking our family of 3 to a family of 4! We had our home visit with the Procare SW, Letitia, yesterday morning. My Mom flew up for the weekend and Walter’s mom also came around for the home visit. It was not at all what I expected it to be, having read so many fellow adopter’s stories of how they set up the nursery and repacked cupboards and spring cleaned and scrubbed their homes in preparation for their home visits, I was surprisingly relaxed considering that we had decided not to do any of those things.

Yes, we have a spare room right next to our bedroom that will be #BabyVW’s room but it is not set up as a nursery as yet.  I have 6 crates full of baby goods stashed in the garage and the cot, travel system and stroller are all wrapped in plastic and stored in the garage but we didn’t feel it was really necessary to have it all out on display, after all, we have already managed to successfully raise one child to toddlerhood. We did not panic and repack cupboards or scrub and clean and in hindsight I’m glad we didn’t. Aside from using our guest bathroom, Letitia spent a couple of hours sitting in the lounge, chatting with us, while we watched the Bulls/Crusaders Super 15 game. It was very relaxed and we didn’t do much aside from chat, drink coffee and eat shop bought cake!

At the end of it I jokingly asked Letitia if we’d past and she laughed and said yes, she liked the grannies and could see that Ava was very loved by our extended families and now it was just a matter of a few more items of paperwork to be completed and the panel meeting for our final approval booked.

It was really no biggie at all and nothing like I had imagined it would be.

The rest of the weekend I spent working on updating our profile. I wanted something a little more quirky and one that would show off our fun side as a couple and as a family. I eventually uploaded our completed profile to Blurb this afternoon and it should be delivered to me before the 2nd of August – have I mentioned how much I love Blurb? Their templates are amazing the quality of their books is fantastic!

I’m very happy with our new profile, I also decided to make it red as it’s Ava’s signature colour and one of my favorites and it will certainly stand out in a pile!

Here is our cover:

Blurb Cover

From tips received from other adopters, I also updated our profile with a little letter from Ava to her future brother or sister.

The only thing left to do now is our income statement which we’re hoping to finish tonight and finger prints for our police clearance.

Step by step, moment by moment, with each passing day we’re moving closer and closer to #BabyVW!