I attended Ava’s 1st school “concert” yesterday. To say that it was precious doesn’t actually give the experience justice. Initially Ava was confused by why I was at her school, sitting on a little plastic chair in her classroom. But then she got quite into it, showing off all her moves to the various songs, and her musical prowess with the musical instruments. Every now and then she’d stop, point and me and shout out: “MOM” in the middle of the “concert”. It was beyond precious.

Walter, sadly, had an experience in parental guilt. He couldn’t attend the “concert” as he had a meeting scheduled for the same time. When I relayed the events to him, he sounded like he wanted to start crying. After Ava got over her initial surprise at seeing me at her school in the middle of the day, she settled down on the carpet for the “concert” but then she noticed some of the dad’s arriving as well. She turned to me, looked at me questioningly and with her little hands raised palms up in question and said: “Dada?”! I’m guessing Walter won’t be missing any future concerts after I told him that.

The “concert” itself was very cute. It’s their music and movement class that they have every Thursday morning before they start their “baking”. All the parents were invited to come along to view one of the classes. Ava was very into it, I think its the year of Kinder Music that I’ve done with her prior to starting school that paid off. She danced, she “sang” she did the movements, she could use all the instruments and she shouted out the names of all the animals they were shown!

Of course, I was there armed with the video camera and camera and here are some of the shots I captured.