Sunday, 20th June 2010 was Walter’s 1st Father’s Day and it turned out to be a very special day. After wracking my brains for months on end on what to get for his 1st Father’s Day, I eventually settled on a suggestion from a blog reader of a photo book, kind of like Granny’s brag book, only for Daddies. Of course, I attempted to create one by myself from one of those online shops where you do the design and then print it and send it to you, only, I don’t have a natural flare for anything artistic and landed up just getting more and more frustrated as my photo book just remained ugly. In the end my friend, Gail, came to the rescue and she designed and printed one for me.

My plans worked out perfectly, I managed to get a reservation for lunch at our favorite restaurant, Casalinga, Gail managed to get the photo book design and print done and dusted just in time and I even managed to keep it all a secret!!! Something which is very hard for me to do, I LOVE giving gifts and spend a lot of time thinking about what would be the perfect gift, and get myself so excited about the gift I’ve decided on that I usually land up telling the receiver before they’ve even received the gift!

So Sunday morning finally came around, Ava gave her dad the best gift of all by sleeping soundly till 7am. When she did wake, we got up, Walter fed her breakfast while I made us breakfast and coffee. Then when he wasn’t looking I quickly fetched her and we collected his gift bag hidden at the back of the cupboard, the plan, if Ava played along, was to carry her into the lounge holding the gift and have her give it to her daddy, only problem, she was more interested in stuffing as much of the blue tissue paper in her mouth as possible.

Walter’s reaction was simply delightful and so touching. He cried, his eyes filled with tears and he literally cried as he read his two father’s day cards and opened his photo book. The tears flowed even more when he paged through the beautiful book and read the poem printed on the back cover.

Ava's card for her daddy!
From me!

Photo book cover
Back cover with Father's Day poem.
More pages.

The photo book came out beautifully, Gail is a fantastic job and its wonderful to see all the photo’s of Ava over the past 6 months and how much she has grown. Of course, for Ava, the best part about all the presents was playing with the gift wrap, especially the bubble wrap which got her hyperventilating and drooling with excitement!


After a very lazy morning and giving Ava an early lunch, we headed off for our lunch at Casalinga which was totally divine!!!! Walter had the Italian sausage starter and I had gnocchi with four cheese sauce. For mains Walter had fillet steak medallions stuffed with chicken livers and wrapped in pastry and I had pork roast served with cranberry sauce and root vegetables. We also had a bottle of wine and delicious desserts. The lunch was wonderful and of course Ava got loads of attention from passers-by, she always seems to when she wears her Posh Lil’ Diva’s


The Wine!
The Cuteness!
The Mommy!
The Daddy!

We even got to com home and enjoy another little gift our little Ava, a Sunday afternoon nap, which after all that delicious food and a bottle of red wine, went down a total treat.

And then Walter also received a beautiful message from our Tummy Mummy:

Dearest Walter…This is your day today! May you be blessed with joy, love and wisdom to look after and raise “our” little girl.  I have no doubt in my mind that you already mean the world to her. All my love to you all…Your Tummy Mummy.

All in al, I think it was a close to perfect day and one which we both will remember forever!

We’re coming to the end of our firsts – first Christmas as a family of 3, first birthday’s as parents, first Mothers day, first Fathers day, all that’s left is Ava’s first birthday and then all the firsts will be over with, but what a beautiful and special year it has turned out to be.