Another On The Path Less Travelled – A Guest Post

Firstly I want to say how wonderful it is to see a South African woman blog so honestly and openly on her adoption journey. I have been following several blogs from various women (mainly from the US) for some time now and I can honestly say that it stretches and “moulds” me. I have and still am growing… I have laughed and cried… It is an amazing privilege to be able to share in all this…

It is so powerful to be able to read about “real” women with “real” lives who stand up for what they feel, believe and experience in their daily lives.

I am myself a very blessed mum to a beautiful gift from God who came to us through the miracle of adoption. He is now just over two years old and hubby & I were both present at his birth. He is the apple of our eyes and we thank the Lord every day that He chose us to raise this amazing child.

We both had a very serious and very strong desire to pursue adoption and it is one of the first things we discussed when we met.

For me, it has been a desire of my heart since I was 3years old. The desire to adopt has been much stronger than it ever has been to give birth myself and I wasn’t too surprised (or really bothered, to be brutally honest) when I was in a 5year childless relationship with my ex-husband.

The road my husband travelled was one of a 15year childless marriage. So, looking back now, we know that it is by the Grace of God that we never had children before for the reason that our previous relationships ended in divorce.

We were both “labelled” as one of those “we cannot explain why”- kinda cases and it was left there.

We got married in Nov 2008 and had our “official” honeymoon in Dec 2008. On holiday we decide to get the ball rolling and apply for adoption right away on our return home.

We called the Christelike Gemeenskaplike Raad in mid Dec and were told to call back in Jan 2009 as the lady who deals with adoptions was on leave. We called her back and got the number of a private social worker. She was so busy and fully booked and we only got an appointment with her for end Feb (our very first meeting was also a complete formal interview). In March we presented our home study and photo-profile. In April she came for a home visit and second interview. In May we got our first invoice from her and another little interview at her office. On Friday, June the 26th 2009 we got a call where we were asked if our profile could be shown to a potential birth-mum and we said YES!!!! (I mean, did you really need to ASK????!!!)

On Saturday morning we got a call congratulating us: We were chosen and were going to have a baby!!!!

Our little guy was to make an appearance on the 3rd of July (6days later!!!???!!! Talk about pressure!!! Ha-ha!!). Well, in the end his c-section was postponed with a week, so he was born on the 10th of July. (In total we only had 13 days to prepare for his arrival. What a ride!!!)

We are so unbelievably Blessed! All the glory to God! From getting married in November 2008 to having a baby in July 2009, we had a very eventful few months!

We reapplied for another baby in May 2010 (we definitely want to grow our family more and wanted to have a small gap, so we thought that the sooner we get the process started the better). Our profile has only been shown to one person and she turned us down purely for the fact that she wanted her unborn child to be the first baby in the chosen home… We haven’t lost hope though…

I have had the most amazing past few weeks with message after message about Faith.

Have faith!                             Have faith!!                           Have faith!!!

That is all I hear all the time. Whatever I read. Where ever I turn.  Daily readings.         Magazines. Friends e-mailing me. Blogs I follow.  You name it, it all shouts the same message over and over and over.

And as I started typing this letter, I quickly read your post yesterday morning and there we have the same bottom line message again:  Keep the faith!

I am so happy for you and you can trust that I will definitely be praying for you.

God Himself will part the sea if that is what it takes, but a child chosen by Him for you, will be with you! And I also believe that the deep-rooted desire in your hearts are placed there by a Father who knows what is good and best for you (and the children in question) and He will take care of all the details.

I pray that you will be abundantly Blessed in all areas of you life. May you continue to be an inspiration to everyone who crosses your path and may your children be anointed and fulfil their calling.

“I tell you the truth, if you have faith as small as a mustard seed, you can say to this mountain, ‘Move from here to there’ and it will move. Nothing will be impossible for you. “

-Matthew 17:20


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