Another Surreal Parenting First

During our years of infertility, there were so many things that I had looked forward to when, God willing, one day I was a mother. As Ava grows and gets older I have felt privileged to be experiencing so many of the normal milestones that parents get to enjoy.

Yesterday was no exception.

We had our first parent/teacher meeting. It felt so surreal to be perched on a tiny plastic chair in Ava’s classroom yesterday evening, Walter sitting on the carpet and Ava’s teacher sitting opposite us and giving us a run down on our precious little girl. I’m sure she must have thought I was nuts because it was so surreal that I swung between having tears brimming in my eyes and wanting to giggle at the surrealness of it all and also the ridiculous of it all, me… a mother???!!!!

I felt really proud to hear an unbiased party’s take on our little girl and I must say that her teacher has her summed up in pretty much the same was as we do. She’s very stubborn and strong willed. But also very confident. She loves painting and her painting has become more purposeful and is no long just messy swipes on a page. She also enjoys building puzzles and loves to play rough games, I think this is why she enjoys playing with boys as much as playing with the girls.

She’s gotten good with her time outs and will now come out of time out and apologize for whatever it is that she has been put in time out for. At home she’s very good with TO, if I’m the one putting her in TO. Walter however still has a bit of work to do with her here, when he puts her in TO she gets up to all kinds of mischief and does not like to apologize when he brings her out of TO.

She does not like to wait her turn and while this is obviously age appropriate, we will have to work on this at home with her as well. I’m sure, by now, those of you who have been reading my blog for a while, will know, I’m no push over as a mom. I’m very firm with Ava and I don’t give in to her every whim, I don’t allow her to get what she wants and when she wants it and I also don’t allow her to constantly interrupt me if I’m talking to Walter or if we’re doing story time. I will tell her that I’m talking to daddy and she must wait for me to finish, if she wants juice/a book/puzzle/TV on, and I’m quickly busy with something, I will tell her she needs to wait while I am finished. During story time, if she keeps interrupting me I will ask her if she wants to me to keep reading the story and if she does she must stop interrupting the story. If she does continue to be disruptive, I close the book and end story time. Walter is definitely the softer of the two of us and he is going to need to learn to be a little firmer with her as she does need to understand that she can’t always have what she wants when she wants it. Of course, her standard response, which is quite funny and I have to turn my face away so she can’t see me smirking, is when she doesn’t get what she wants when she wants it, she will tell me, and I quote: “It’s not fair!”

The part that made me swell with pride is hearing how well liked Ava is, by both the staff and all her classmates and that she, along with another little girl, is very popular in her class with everyone wanting/fighting to be partnered with her for school activities.

Her best friend is a little boy, Tristan, somehow I’m not surprised because in just about every photo taken at school, Ava and Tristan are almost ALWAYS together. Her teacher did say that she does try to separate them so that they interact with the other children in their class but when given a choice the two will always gravitate towards each other. It does kind of make sense as well as Ava is the youngest in her class and Tristan is also one of the youngest in the class.

Ava & Tristan Kissing!

Ava & Tristan Dancing!

Ava & Tristan... Again!

Teacher Candice, I know you’re reading this πŸ™‚ so what else did I forget to include?

The thing I took away from our first ever parent teacher meeting is that Ava is a well adjusted, happy and well balanced child and that made me proud, not just of her, but of us too.



  • To Love Bella

    March 20, 2012 at 11:13 am

    What’s not to love? She’s an absolute little gem! So much of her character is similar to that of Isabella. Wouldn’t it be lovely if they could be BFF’s one day? They’d get on SO well!

    That surrealism is yet to hit me as hard is it hit you; when I first started dropping Isabella off at school, it was weird for me; doing all the things that parents do. Been wanting it for so long … now I was finally ACTUALLY doing it!

    And as for the daddy’s .. we have the same ‘issues’ in our household. Trav is an utter pushover – which I knew would be the case from the get go. Mommy = Monster! Ha! It gets better when she is older – muuuuch older, like in her 30’s… I used to get away with most things where my dad is concerned, but lately? Not so much!


  • blackhuff

    March 20, 2012 at 11:28 am

    I feel so happy for you, when I read how happy and proud you felt when you were able to sit in that Parent/Teacher meeting. Something that you have longed for so long. Reading this, made me realise how parents like me, can take these kinds of events, for granted. Don’t misunderstand me, I do go to them but I loathe them tremendously and reading this, will make me definitely relook at how I see events like these.

  • Candice.

    March 20, 2012 at 1:41 pm

    Hi S, what an absolute honour to be a part of this little blessing’s life on a daily basis! She is a ray of sunshine to our class, filling each day with lots of hugs and giggles! What I think I love most is the way in which Ava so innocently gets so excited and looks forward to activities in class! There is such a beauty in the absolute pleasure she takes from her class “work”, and the concentration she uses in her tasks. Ava IS stubborn, but at the same time she is a leader in her class, and I think directed in the right direction she will be a leader with her peers in Primary and High school and into her adult life. Today was a brilliant example, after bringing her rugby ball for show and tell, Ava proceeded to go and get it out of her locker during outside time, then walk around the playground calling for her friends to come and play rugby. She thereafter placed them in their “spots” and took it in turns to throw the ball to them. All the while they stood to attention, happily catching the ball! STUNNING LEADERSHIP SKILLS LITTLE MISS AVA!
    All in all, Ava is a pleasure and a delight to have in the class. She certainly keeps me on my toes and as you said is a favourite friend of all in the class (and SO LOVED by her teacher).

  • Maggie

    March 20, 2012 at 8:08 pm

    Aw. Even I feel proud of Ava, and I’ve never met her πŸ™‚ Leadership skills and a firm favourite of everyone. Wow. I hope I get to follow her life through your blog for years and years to come, Sharon πŸ™‚ Such a happy story of such a gorgeous girlie.

  • seriously3

    March 21, 2012 at 4:15 am

    So cool A surreal moment indeed. I can’t wait to be on the ‘other’ side of the desk (I’m a teacher). I’m glad to know that even after a few years, it’s all still mind blowing!!!

  • adesolaf

    March 21, 2012 at 4:31 pm

    Such a special occasion and an even more special girl. Lovely pictures (especially the first picture). Hope Walter has sharpened his shooting skills for when the boys come calling πŸ˜‰ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ cos I foresee long queues of boys in the Van Wyk villa…..


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