Apparently I’m Not Too Old To Snapchat

I installed the Snapchat app on my phone last year sometime, when some of my favorite and most respected peeps started raving about it, but, honestly, I felt like a complete dunce, or like I was maybe too old to understand and utilize the technology. 

In other words, I installed the app, opened it and then sat there scratching my head for two hours going…. well now what the hell am I supposed to do? And eventually gave up. 

The app lay dormant on my phone for months until Cindy wrote this genius post yesterday, it’s literally the idiots guide to using Snapchat! 

And then…..

Barrenness Snapchat

And following Cindy’s helpful guide…. I started playing around and couldn’t stop myself….

I love how it gives you a fun way to make social commentary….

Face Distortion Snapchat

And of course…. it completely appeals to enjoyment of self depreciation and poking fun at myself!

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I can now totally see why those who are already using Snapchat rave about it and already have a million ideas of how I can incorporate Snapchat usage into the content creation I do for paid gigs, instead of live tweeting an event, you could just Snapchat it or, unboxing a blogger drop via Snapchat… I think that would be a far more powerful way of communicating than any of the current social media platforms have on offer.

If you’re keen to try it out, read Cindy’s blog, seriously, if a 40 something Mom like me could figure out Snapchat using her blog post, then you can too and come find me here:




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