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Are you a tattooed person or a person with tattoos?

Celeste over at The Reluctant Mom wrote about her love of tattoo’s and her desire for a tattoo that just never seems to come to fruition and it reminded me of a post I’d read by  – There Are People With Tattoo’s… I am a person with tattoo’s… well actually, one tattoo to be precise, I am not a tattoo’d person. I have many friends who would be described as a tattooed person. It’s beautiful for me, I find there body art fascinating but I know it’s not for me, I’ll never be a tattooed person, I’l always be a person with tattoo’s. I got my first tattoo shortly after Ava’s placement. For me it was a right of passage, it was a deeply spiritual and emotional experience that marked the end of a very long and painful journey through infertility. I wear my tattoo with great pride, it speaks volumes of the person I am and of what I have been through and for that, I love my tattoo as much today as I did when I first had it done 3 years ago.

Adoption Tattoo

But what they say about tattoo’s is true, they are highly addictive and I can see how some people start out with one and within a couple of years, they’re covered. Heck, Walter started out with one tattoo and by the end of this year, his ink will extend from his left pectoral all the way down to his elbow, in all it’s purple and black and green beauty. It is gorgeous.  For a while now I’ve wanted to have work done on my tattoo, I’ve wanted to extend is somehow, but for me, my tattoo(‘s) are meaningful, they’re not just a picture or a phrase I think is cool. So I wanted to wait until we’d had another adoption placement before having tough ups and extensions done on my existing tattoo.

Well the time has come and so next week I’m off to meet with Paul over at Handstyle Tattoo’s to start the design work on my tattoo extension. I want my tattoo extended right around my wrist so that it looks like a bangle/cuff made out of Cinquefoil flowers which in the Victorian area where flowers were used as a language, this flower represents beloved daughters or beloved child.


I also need to fit and H for Hannah somewhere in there and I want two little birds included to represent my two little girls, my hearts desires. And this time I want full colour in my tattoo, with lots of pink and purple.

Something like this but with birds instead of the butterfly…

Tattoo floral wrist

And yes, it’s going to be sore, but it will be so so worth it, a couple of hours of pain for a lifetime of a beautiful reminder. And I’m so excited to see what Paul comes up with!

Do you have tattoo’s? Are you a person with tattoo’s or a tattooed person?


  • Juanita

    June 14, 2013 at 9:27 am

    I am a person with a tattoo. I had a growling tiger done on my back the day after I turned 21. It was very significant for me as I were extremely shy growing up and would never do anything to “shock” people or draw attention to myself. I always wanted a tattoo and then eventually had the courage to do something that I want, nevertheless what people might say. I want to have a 2nd one done, but am waiting for baba’s arrival…

  • Rene

    June 14, 2013 at 9:51 am

    I’m also a person with a tattoo. I wanted one tattoo, chose a design that I loved when I was 19, but then I waited a few months before I went to get it to make sure that’s what I wanted. The night before I went I dreamt that I got another picture, and when I walked into the tattoo parlour the design I dreamt about was right there, so I got that instead. 18 years later and I still love my tattoo.

    Now after both my children were born I want another one with their initials, and have a design I like but can’t decide where on my body I want it.

  • Cindy

    June 14, 2013 at 11:13 am

    Currently I would probably a person with tattoo’s, but could possibly be a tattooed person if my lifestyle would allow it. If it wasn’t for my job I would probably have a lot more, although that being said, the next instalment will probably be coming in September. I actually wrote about it the other day (http://alfinos.wordpress.com/2013/04/11/tattoo-taboo-whats-your-view/) .

    I’m all for tatts. Who cares what they look like when you’re 80. You’ll most likely have bigger problems to worry about.

  • cupcakemummy

    June 14, 2013 at 11:18 am

    I think I am a tattooed person, I have had several done since my very first one in November 2006:
    1.Tribal Pegasus on my lower left back that I got shortly after finishing my very last matric examination and sort of right before I left home and moved to Germany.
    2.Star between my shoulder blades after a good friends suicide, each point represents a friend lost to suicide. Though I’m going to be burying (I don’t see it as a cover up) this soon with a compass rose.
    3. Three stars on my right foot – my mum, sister and I got this as a matching mother/daughter ink.
    4. Cupcake on my wrist… cause well, cupcakes!
    5. Roses behind my left ear for my mum.
    6. “Know your worth” on my left forearm after surviving an abusive relationship, it’s a reminder that I am worth so much more than I sometimes think I am.
    7. Dream/Believe ambigram on my right side that runs from my panty-line to my bra-line and it’s something mum has always said – if you dream it then believe you can achieve it.
    8. Fysh’s newborn handprints on my left calf, rather self explanatory I think.
    9. Promise on my pinky – I wrote a post on why I got it, the short version is that it’s for all the things I promise to do for Fysh because pinky promises are never broken.

    PS. mind if I steal your idea RE the topic this weekend? Will link back your way.

  • Tertia

    June 14, 2013 at 9:58 pm

    Person with (5) tattoos. I am tempted to become a tattooed person but might not be brave enough. But I am definitely becoming a person with (6) or (7) tattoos. At the end of the year. I need to space them out. Take my time. Last one was last week. A touch up and small modification. They are most definitely addictive.

  • Pamela

    June 18, 2013 at 3:06 pm

    I am a person with a tatoo and totally agree that they are addictive! I only have one, but it has been an internal constant battle. I had it done 17 years ago now (oh wow, it does not feel that long….) and I still think about how to change/expand it.

  • Nikki Smal

    June 24, 2013 at 5:11 pm

    I totally agree with you Sharon 🙂 They are not just pretty pictures of ‘cool’ things. They are so much more than that. My husband and I both have many, especially him. See them here, they are beautiful: http://nikkiandnicholas.com/?p=4039

    I have so many people come up to us asking what they mean or why we got them. I will literally take years to explain all that. But whats important is they they are sentimental to US. They are special and hold SO much meaning. Each and every single one of them. They are not just images we chose out of a flip file in a tattoo shop.

    In terms of the addiction thing, I don’t think they ‘addictive’ per say but I think the initial ‘fear’ of your first tattoo is over. So once you have one, you know what to expect, you know what its all about and you either love the art or you don’t. And if you do love the art and have overcome your first tattoo – then you will most probably get more 🙂 So i guess in that way it could be called addictive.

    Lovely post, can’t wait to see your next one Xx


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