Me & My Bumbo!

We’ve just come back from the baby clinic, my little sausage is now weighing in at a healthy 7.2kg’s. She’s still tall, very tall, taller than average, she sits in the 85% – 90% in terms of her height, but is between 45% – 50% for her weight. This translates to a tall but petite baby.  People comment on how big she is, but I think they refer to her height, she’s noticeably tall but she doesn’t have the usual rolls and folds that most babies have in their legs and arms, especially around the wrists. A colleague of mine had a baby 3 weeks before Ava was born, a boy, who now weighs in at a whopping 10kg’s. Now that’s a seriously big baby boy and I’m guessing that’s also one of the fundamental differences between boys and girls, most of the boys born around the same time as Ava are noticeably larger.

What’s really amazing is how rapidly they start developing and hitting milestones from 12 weeks and that definitely seems to speed up between 4 & 5 months, Ava’s development in the last month has been pheno

menal. She’s figured out how to take her own dummy in and out of her mouth, she’s started sitting by herself, unsupported, she’s figured out the different tones to her voice and thinks that screaming at a very high pitch is truly hilarious, she’s figured out banging stuff, I knew that day would come and boy it has. Amazing how you learn to watch TV or have a conversation without even noticing the sound of a toy being repeatedly slammed against a hard surface. She’s also very observant and notices everything and now recognizes her own name and turns to look at you if you say her name or any of her nicknames (Gorgie, Sausage, Saus, Bootiful). When you hold her upright now she drops her legs down and immediately  puts pressure on her feet in an attempt to stand, she hates being made to lie down and immediately tries to sit up and now when I sit her up right she wants to try and stand.

A bit blurry but check me sitting!

She’s also loving experimenting with different foods, is crazy about her rice porridge, fruit and veg. Her favorites are banana’s, peaches, carrots and sweet potatoes.

She really has turned out to be the dream baby, has no tactile problems, eats well, sleeps well, hits all her milestones and is very very sweet natured and I really hope that it lasts! Although every parent out there I tell this seems to take pleasure in telling me that it won’t last and I can’t help wondering if they’re trying to bring me down or if she is going to go from this sweet, angel child into a complete nightmare at some point?