Make no mistake…. Ava is a character…. she can come up with some of the funniest things and have us in hysterics, here are just a few of her prize pearlers from this past weekend:

Running through the house with her underpants on her head – Look at me, I’m a roscar! (rock star)


While watching the Brumbies/Warratah’s Super 15 rugby game – Go Grumpies!

After I commented that Miley had her tail tucked so far between her legs that she was wearing a tampon – Look Miley runs like a tadpole!

While lying across the coffee table – I think I need to bath & go to bed, my batteries need to be charged!

The day her Princess Sofia Princess For A Day kit was delivered, she asked me to take a photo of her, with the fakest smile, when I asked her to smile nicely for the camera, her response – No, this is how Princesses do it!

Ava as Princess Sofia

On our way to Barney yesterday, she informed me that when she spoke with Barney, she was going to tell him that her friend, Amy, was not being very nice to her. When I asked her why Amy wasn’t being nice to her she replied: I can’t tell you Mom, you’re NOT Barney!

I need to keep documenting the funny things Ava says, she is a real character and I never want to forget how she has had us in fits of giggles!