Ava has always had a strong personality and the older she gets the more her the various aspects of her personality have begun to shine through. A while ago I was having a chat with her bestie’s Mom and she was asking me what I thought Ava would be one day…. I really didn’t need to think too hard… the way Ava has blossomed in the last 6 months, it has become abundantly clear that madam will thrive in an artistic/drama environment. And not because she’s a drama queen, because she really isn’t, it would be because she loves to act, she loves to make people laugh and she’s quite the little comedian!

Silly Girl


Here she is encouraging Isabella to join in the funny faces:

Silly Girls
She loves to tease and she loves getting a reaction out of people. The more they laugh at her antics, the more animated she becomes.
On the flight to Cape Town, she stood in the aisle of the plane and proudly announced to all who would hear: “This is my dad, he’s so big and he’s always a winner!”
On the flight home, madam climbed into the aisle to make another announcement but instead of having her daddy’s chest puff with pride, she announced to all: “This is my daddy, he’s so big and he’s got moobs! (man boobs)!” You could hear the sniggers coming from the people around us, the more they laughed, the more animated she became.
She has also told me quite seriously in the past, when I’m wearing one of my backless sun-dresses  “pull your dress up Moma, your back boobies are showing!” Gah!
Yesterday she pulled another cracker, because I’ve been off work with Bronchitis and Sinusitis, Walter had to take her to school yesterday morning, it’s been very hot in Jozi, we’re in the midst of a scorching heatwave and he’d been rushing, so by the time he was out the shower and dressed, he was sweating and standing in front of the fan trying to cool off. When she asked him what he was doing he explained that he was “sweating like a pig” and wanted to sit by the fan for a few minutes.
At school drop off, Madam proudly marched into her new classroom with her new teacher and announced to all: “This is my daddy, he’s so big and he’s a sweaty pig!”
I don’t know where she comes up with most of this stuff but it’s truly hysterical and she loves the laughter and reaction she gets to her antics, a real little stand up comedian.
Here are a couple of other Ava-isms that I just love:
Crying one morning, she told us she didn’t want to wear low pants, she wanted to wear high pants. After much head scratching and confusion, we asked her to show us what the difference was between low and high pants and nearly died laughing when she showed us that low pants are leggings and high pants are shorts!
She also refuses to call a skipping rope, or any kind of rope, for that matter, a rope, it can only be called by one thing in our house – a Yeeha! *said with a nice Southern Twang*
Her favourite question is: Do you love…? So she’ll be standing with a Yeeha in her hand and will turn to me and say: “Moma, do you see this Yeeha? Do you LOVE this Yeeha?” And then have herself in fits of giggles!
Or while loving Dexter, our male Chihuahua, she’ll say: “Moma, do you see this Winkey Boy? Do you LOVE this Winkey Boy?”
Funny child! She keeps us in stitches!