Ava The Big Sister

The one question I’ve been asked the most during the past couple of weeks, aside from how am I coping, is how Ava has adjusted to having a sibling and I can honestly say, she has been amazing, we are SO very very proud of her.

It’s as if Ava and Hannah have always been destined to be together, they simply adore each other. Hannah will strain her neck to turn in Ava’s direction whenever she hears her voice and will always freely smile at her. Ava cannot get enough of her little sister. She wants to help with everything, from nappy changing to bathing, she is always there and always willing to help. When she gets bored of watching whatever mundane baby task I am performing she will always tell me: “Mama, call me if you need me and I’ll be right here!” Before wandering off to find something more entertaining to do.

She loves Hannah to pieces and proudly announces to everyone and anyone who will listen that she has a baby sister and her name is Hannah and we went on a big green plane to Cape Town to fetch her. She will also not tolerate any jokes about how Hannah’s bum/ears/feet/cheeks are so cute that I just want to bite them, she will immediately tell me that that is her precious baby sister and I may not bite her!  She is always quick to tell us that she will not let anyone hurt her baby sister.


I am so proud of her, we have had no behavioral issues, no tantrums, no jealousy, no acting out or reverting to acting like a baby. No problems at all aside from an increase in her struggle with constipation.  Ava’s battle with constipation has progressed from being a physical issue as a baby to a psychological issue as a child. Any changes to her routine, new environments or emotional upsets and she will instantly become constipated. Over the past 2 weeks, she has really struggled with constipation but at least this is an issue that can be managed with an increase in fruits & bran to her diet and a low dose of daily Dupholac, we’ll see how she goes.

I am so proud of my gorgeous girls!



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