I know…. I know….. I’m the first to own up to being totally OTT!!! Ava turns 6 months old next weekend and I’ve already got half of her 1st Birthday Party planned!

The Theme: – Princess Party

The Invitations – will be personalized but look something like this, but I’m hoping to get my friend Gail to do something special, similar design but replace the butterflies with mini tiarra’s or something along those lines.

I loved this cos the little girl on it looks like a fair version of Ava.

The Cake – again personalized with Ava’s name:

If its pink, has a butterfly on it & a crown - we want it!

And lastly……….. and this is the most OTT…………. the outfit I’ve ordered from Stitcharoos (thanks for the tip Charnรฉ) and is being personalized with Ava’s name:

Party Princess!

I still need to finalize a venue, cos our house is far too small, but the date is set – December 10th, and of course I know who’ll be doing my cupcakes, Roz – you better tell your sussie she needs to start thinking about Princess cupcakes, then there are the party packs and party favours. But I have to say, having a daughter and doing these things is just so much fun!

Don’t tell the Nazi Mamma’s out there! I know its OTT, I get that it’s just for me and she won’t have a clue, but so FARKING what??? I waited almost 8 years for this!