Ava’s Adoption Story Book

I’ve started a rather large project, creating a story/photo book for Ava all about how she came to be adopted by us. In it, I want to include every little bit of personal information that I can remember about her beautiful birth mother, her motivation for placing her and all the little snippets of information and anecdotes I can remember, like how she craved and loved apricots during her pregnancy. I want it to be a book that is fairly age appropriate now but one that she will also treasure when she’s older and that, God forbid, we not be around when she starts the search for her birth mother, that she have all the information available to her in one easy format and kept all together.

The first part of this project meant that I spent hours trawling through thousands of photographs taken over the last few years, but focusing mostly on those from the time she was born, I want to include all the photo’s taken of her with her birth mother and her biological grandmother the day at the hospital and the day of our court appearance. I want her to see how much she was loved.

It was amazing looking through these old photo’s, it made me realize my baby is just not a baby anymore, there is nothing babyish about her, she is well and truly a little girl now, a beautiful little girl who grew from such a tiny 2.9kg new born.

These’s photo’s bring back only memories of beauty for me.

New Born


New Born 1

I thought she was THE MOST beautiful creature I had ever laid my eyes on.

First week
Sausage @ 3 weeks
December 2009 001
Noticing her hands for the first time!
December 2009 008
Her very first smile as we took this photo on her 6 week birthday!

I showed Ava some of the photo’s taken of her with her birth mother over the weekend. She was quite fascinated and really intrigued by the story that went with the photo’s. Of course she has always known that she never grew in my tummy, I always tell her she grew in Mommy’s heart but because she has started to figure out that babies come out of mommies tummies, she was quite intrigued with the concept of her tummy mummy. And while looking through the photo’s she kept repeating how she grew in that mommy’s tummy but grew in this mommy’s heart.




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