I am utterly exhausted as I write this…… today has been one of those beautiful, memorable, special days, the type I never thought I’d get to experience.

Today, at 10am, we stood up in front of our church and had our precious little miracle dedicated. In the congregation, my mother and father and brother were there, along with my in-laws and a few of our closest friends. It was a proud moment when we were called to the front and I heard people admiring our little angel, how cute she looked and how pretty she is. We stood with our two pastors in front of the church as they gave a short sermon, explaining why they were performing a dedication and not a baptism as we don’t believe in baptizing children and from there a special prayer, a blessing prayer was prayed over Ava and Walter and I. It was very special indeed. After the service, we came back to our house where we shared a light finger lunch and champagne surrounded by pink Gerbera’s, pink & lilac balloons and every other pink and lilac decoration I could get my hands on.

It was a very special, intimate affair and I felt very blessed to have our beautiful daughter surrounded by so much love. She got spoiled rotten as well, a junior Bacio bracelet, another beautiful bracelet from my cousin and her husband, lots and lots of books, including her first bible and her first story book about Jesus.

At the end of the day, after all the guests had left, I stood in our garden and released 7 of the pink & lilac balloons up into the air, said my own prayer of thanks to God and symbolically tried to let go of my past and look to the future.

Not a lot of photo’s taken, but here are a few: