Ava’s Greatest Desire…Hannah’s Worst Night Mare

It’s that time of year again… where we start talking about and preparing for Ava’s birthday party. Because her birthday is in December, I always try to get the basics in place, venue, cake etc, early on as everyone gets so busy over the festive season and if I wait to long, everything is booked up.

This year, Ava has requested a pony party! The child is obsessed. I’ve mentioned before that she has great aspirations for being a vet (well that is until she went with Walter to the vet a couple of weeks ago, when Miley was sick and came home utterly disgusted and declared that she was only going to be the kind of vet her stuck their fingers in dogs mouths and DEFINITELY NOT the kind of vet her stuck her fingers in dogs bums!) and she has an incredible love & sense of compassion for animals. She’d have a zoo if we let her and currently she’d like to add a Zebra and a Unicorn to her list of pets. She’s getting a puppy instead, so she may be a little disappointed.

The first time Ava ever rode a pony, she was about 14 months old and she was hooked from that very first experience. Now she demands to visit the “snake park”, it’s actually Lifestyle Garden Centre, almost every weekend, so she can go check out the reptiles in the pet shop and ride on their ponies. So it came as no surprise that she was requesting a pony party this year.




This past weekend, we once again visited the “snake park” and Ava was having her customary pony ride, we thought Hannah would like to join in…. um… apparently Hannah does NOT share her big sisters great love of ponies!

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I suspect Hannah is going to HATE every moment of Ava’s 5th birthday pony party this year! Hate! Hate! Hate!



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