A while ago, I wrote a blog posting about baby competitions and whether or not to enter. The thing is there are two very different schools of thought on this issue and at the time of writing the original blog posting I wasn’t sure if I fitted in with the group that said it was  just for fun and why the hell not or the group that said it created unnecessary pressure and should be avoided.

Well I know now which group I fit into and its the second one! I went ahead, thinking, ugh, its just for a bit of fun and using this photo:

Beautiful Baby Girl

I entered Ava into a baby competition. Today the competition organizers contacted me to tell me she’d not been eliminated and had made it into the second round of the competition and to be honest, I’m so disappointed. I have HATED how this stupid competition has made ME feel!

I realized after entering my beautiful baby girl, that I know she is the most beautiful baby girl in the whole wide world and as long as I knew that, then I really didn’t need some stupid competition to confirm that. I have felt sick on the inside every time I’ve thought about this and so today, after receiving their confirmation I emailed them back and asked them to remove her from the competition and I’ve already starting feeling better about it.

She’s far to special to be competing for cuteness! She’s far to gorgeous for that and I’m so glad that I can now put this episode behind me and not have to wonder one which side of the fence I sit anymore!