A friend of mine has the most brilliant and apt expression – “Elke ma dink haar donkie is a resies perd” which directly translated means – every mother thinks her donkey is a race horse, perhaps my Afrikaans version has some spelling errors?

I am no exception. I think Ava-Grace is the most beautiful baby girl that ever graced the planet and no other baby could ever come close to her in beauty, grace or cleverness! πŸ™‚

My Mom and a few others have been urging me to enter her into a baby competition and so far I have resisted. I know she is the most beautiful child so don’t need to enter her into competitions for this affirmation. πŸ˜‰

Oooh soo pretty!

So what are your thoughts on all these Baby Competitions? Worth entering? Or just setting oneself up for disappointment? People (strangers, family, friends) often comment on how beautiful Ava is but don’t we all comment on how beautiful others babies are? Even when they aren’t? Even when they look like a child of Shrek? An ugly scrunched up monkey? We still ooh & aah over them and say how beautiful they are.

So my question is to enter or not to enter?