Last night while browsing through the channels on DSTV, I came across a movie about surrogacy, I only managed to watch about 10 minutes of the movie before changing the channel in utter disgust! The movie was called Baby Mama and it poked fun at surrogacy. At least I felt it poked fun at surrogacy and infertility in general. I dunno, perhaps I’ve lost my sense of humour when it comes to all things fertility related. I mean, would you watch a movie that made fun of cancer or any other illness or disease? Would you find watching somebody in a heart breaking position funny?? I don’t but I can’t help wandering if perhaps I’m being oversensitive or if I’m just battling a bout of sense of humour failure. After all, people have poked fun at our infertility from the beginning from stupid comments like : “you’re just not doing it right” to “if W doesn’t know how to get you pregnant, come sit over here and I’ll show you how its done” Ja hahahaha, that’s very funny!

Anyway, back to the movie….

The infertile in the movie was portrayed as super successful business woman who at the age of 37 discovered she was infertile. The fertility specialist and surrogacy agency were portrayed as money hungry morons who were just out to suck their clients dry, even comparing using a surrogate to outsourcing of some company functions. The fertility experience was treated as a joke, now call me old fashioned, but I find humour that pokes fun of women in theater gowns dreamily falling back onto the gynecology bed and dreamily splaying their legs while slipping their feet into the stirrups totally offensive. The actual surrogate was portrayed as a hill billy, white trash dumb blond with no class or manners who had only volunteered to be a surrogate for the money.

I only saw about 10 minutes of the entire move before I switched it off as I couldn’t take watching it anymore, so perhaps I summed it up incorrectly. But what I saw just reaffirmed my position on why we’re so misunderstood as a community as a whole.  Its just another example of how infertility is falsely represented in the media. Oh and speaking of false representation… please check out this charming portrayal of infertility and share your thoughts!

We have so many fantastic books out there that truthfully show infertility for what it is, its a great pity for me that there aren’t any truthful movies about the same topic.