I’ve found something awesome!

One of the overseas packages we received after Ava was born came from my friend Nickey in Australia. Amongst all the goodies in the package was a Bonds Baby Sleeping Bag. It has been a life saver this winter with Jo’burgs freezing over night lows. Our home is situated at the bottom of a slope and we’re just about right on a running river, this means that at times over the past couple of weeks the temperature in our area has dropped as low as -6. But my little sausage has slept soundly,thanks to the heater in her room and her Bonds Baby Sleeping Bag. She has about 4 different sleeping bags, but aside from her Bonds Baby Sleeping Bag, none of them are made of polar fleece or have long sleeves, which in these temperatures means they’re pretty pointless. I don’t like covering her with blankets because she’s such a wriggle bum that she winds up crying in the night and when I check on her its because she’s wriggled so much in her sleep that even her face is covered by the blanket. Now aside from the fact that she finds this distressing it totally freaks me out because what about SIDS?

Sadly, her Bonds Baby Sleeping Bag is for 0-6 months and she has now finally outgrown it. The sleeves ride up and she can’t straighten her legs properly in it anymore. I’ve been trying to find out where I can buy another one online but its only available in Australia and aside from the fact that it will take so long to ship she may not need it by the time it arrives, with the current exchange rate and shipping fee’s it lands up being fairly pricey.

I’ve been searching and searching for a local equivalent and yesterday I struck gold! Introducing the Dudu Range!  And look what I found amongst their products:

Dudu Sleep Sack

The best part is that Samantha lives just down the road from my office so for a total of R231 she’s going to delivery me a pink one just like this!

A woman at my office is currently 5 months pregnant and super excited about the impending arrival of her baby girl, she asked me the other day what are just a few of the things I wouldn’t go without and Ava’s sleeping bags are definitely on that list. I’m convinced they partly responsible for the fact that my little angel started sleeping through at 12 weeks and has been giving us lovely, full nights sleep ever since!

Other things on my list included:

Pigeon bottles & Mag Mags

Pigeon Hand & Face Wipes

Sterilon – I wish I’d known before the time that Milton causes thrush, since switching to Sterilon Ava has not had thrush again

Nuk dummies


Antipeol Ointment

Oceanic Nose Drops

What are some of the things you wouldn’t have survived without?