So here are just a few of the literally hundreds of shots taken at my baby shower:

Sam did the most amazing job, every detail was covered, right down to the pink and lavender butterflies (same as Ava’s bedroom):

Table Decor 1

Table Decor 2

Even the cupcakes matched the theme:

The Cupcakes

And check out all those presents, Ava sure is one spoiled little girl… just the way we like it! 🙂


Of course, the main attraction was Ava, I don’t actually think any of my family or friends cared that I was even there! 🙂

Attention Ava

What is it about a babyjpg

Here are all my girls and my Mommy of course!

The girls

My Mom and I have become even closer since Ava’s arrival, she loves Ava as much, if not more, as she loves me!

Mommy & Mejpg

Not to be forgotten, W was also there and was also given a gift, a Dad’s Nappy Changing Survival Kit!

Ws gift

Of course, I had to show him what the tongs were REALLY meant for!

assing around

Oh, and just cos I can…. here’s a shot of the ring my wonderful husband spoiled me with to commemorate Ava’s miraculous arrival in our lives:

The ring

Once again, to all my special friends and family, a huge thank you for making this time so incredibly special and for spoiling us the way you have. But most importantly, thank you a million times over for loving Ava the way that you do and recognizing the miracle that she is for all of us.

Love u guys!!!