So yesterday, my girls, along with the bulk of South African kids, headed back to school to commence their 2017 school year. 

And there were tears…….. 

Nah! Only joking.

Well, there were tears, but not mine. More on that later….

I read Cindy’s post the other day about Mourning The Holidays, judge me all you like, but I am so way way way firmly routed in category one!

  1. Those that enjoy it, but want to run away screaming because their kids are all up in their face err day all day!  And the fighting, oh the fighting…  (the kids obvs)

My children drove me mad these holidays. The fighting. Oh lord, the fighting! I was so thankful to go back to work, just to have some peace and quiet. Don’t get me wrong, I miss these little monkeys when I’m away from them but the time apart is so good for my sanity and their well being. 

I am the mom who does bad Axel Rose’s impersonations in the driveway while loading the kids in the car for school! 

I was just that excited to get the school year under way, to get back to some sense of routine and normality. 

Both Ava and Hannah are at a new school this year, so we were preparing for a tough drop off. Isn’t is funny how our children so often surprise us?

Hannah, who is generally a naturally anxious, highly sensitive and frightened child was so thrilled to be there, she practically frog marched us out of the classroom, with an OK, BYE NOW attitude.

Ava, who I would described as pretty fearless, she races through life with her hair on fire, but who we are learning is a deeply sensitive child, who keeps her emotions closed off from others, was beside herself. She cried, clung to her daddy and pretty much wouldn’t let him leave.

Eventually, I had to be the baddie, march in there, wrench her arms off from around his waist, march her over to the teacher and then turn around and run away, all the while she cried and asked me not to leave her!

Not exactly pleasant.

I stressed the whole way home and am so thankful to one of the Mom’s, her son was in Ava’s school and in her class last year, she snapped a photo of Ava 10 minutes after we left and messaged it to me, to tell me Ava was ok! Otherwise I would have spent the rest of the morning worrying myself back into a full blown migraine!

By the time I fetched her, she was as happy as can be, describing her first day as terrifying but having already made a few new friends.

Hannah on the other hand, described her first day as AWESOME!

I know tomorrow will be an ever tougher drop off with Ava so I’ll be doing that one alone, she is less likely to play up without her dad there. She knows which parent is the no nonsense one and which parent she can emotionally manipulate, so we’ve decided that Dad doesn’t get to come with tomorrow.

At least is off and we have a few months before we need to worry about referring the school holidays once again.

How did your back to school go?