We’re home. I don’t want to be home, I don’t want Christmas and New Year and holidays to be over. But as childishly as I’d like to stomp my foot and pout, the sad reality is that time passes, all too quickly when we’re having fun. We arrived back this morning and already within a matter of hours, its as if we never left.

So on Monday, its back to work and back to everyday reality. I only really feel like my New Year will start once I’m back at work but I do have some plans to put in place from this week. Not New Years resolutions as such, I don’t believe in those things, I think all they do is set us up for failure, but I do have a few realistic things I’d like to start implementing in my life from this week.  Obviously, most importantly is my IVF preparation. Both W and I need to start getting “fertile fit”. So from this week, we’ll be watching what we eat, following a Low GI diet rich in Fish and cutting out alcohol.


Aaah, shucks, who’m I trying to kid?

I won’t be cutting out alcohol, but I’ll certainly be reducing my alcohol intake and avoiding the hard stuff, just enjoying a few glasses of wine now and again. I know this may sound terribly jaded, so forgive me, but this will be my 4th IVF attempt and avoiding alcohol or any of the other major do’s and don’ts during an IVF have made sweet F-all difference to the outcomes in the past. So I’m no longer so hung up on all those things, yes I follow the instructions, because they’re sensible and I want to give myself the best chance possible, but I also don’t beat myself up if I drink a glass of wine or two once a week. 

 I believe God is in control here and that if its His will that this IVF be a success then it will be. Of course, that doesn’t mean I get to sit on my fat bum and do nothing, I’m definitely doing to hold up my end of the deal, its just that I’ve begun to think that the outcome of this IVF is already determined and there’s not a whole lot I can do change that. If its my turn its my turn right?


So mostly, I’m going to be focusing on getting as healthy and both mentally and physically strong for the big challenge that lies ahead.