So we finally made it to Barney this afternoon after Friday’s disaster. Ava was besides herself with excitement. She must had asked me about 500 times between 6am & 12pm if it was time to go to Barney’s house! She nearly drove me mental with her enthusiasm  even going so far as deciding what she was going to tell Barney should she be fortunate enough to have an actual conversation with him.

We made it to the show with time to spare, got good seats with a great, close up view and Ava was very well behaved…. especially given there was a rather unoriginal magician and a Clamber Club demonstration before Barney came on stage… she really had to work hard at remaining patient. As a side note, I understand why companies like Clamber Club would like to do a demo before a show like Barney, but they must surely realize that an audience of 0 – 5 year olds have the attention span of a upside down floating goldfish and by the time Barney came on, people were streaming out of the theater as their children had had enough.

But back to the point of my blog post….. While the show was tedious at best, the look on Ava’s face when Barney finally made it onto stage, made it all SO worth while! Her innocents and pure pleasure at seeing the stupid purple dinosaur made my heart melt!



Where’s he? Where’s he? Where’s he???


Barney 1


OMW!!! There he is!!!!