I remember very clearly, minutes after Ava had been born & I’d clipped the cord, walking down the passage in the hospital, carrying this tiny, purple bundle, tears streaming down my face. There were only two thoughts in my mind:

  1. I can’t wait to see Walter’s face when he  see’s her and he did not disappoint, he burst into tears the second I turned the corner into the private room where he’d been waiting. Both of us did the ugly cry and it was the most beautiful and special moment in my life.
  2. All I could think about after I’d introduced Walter to our daughter was phoning my mother. We’re very close and my mother had been profoundly affected by my infertility. I remember passing Ava to Walter, phoning my Mom and when she answered, I remember saying: “Mom, my daughter was born this morning at 10h50 weighing in at 2.9kg’s and she’s beautiful and perfect” and just hearing my mom sob in response to that statement. Seeing my Mom with Ava has been the most special thing for me to experience, I’m so so happy that my dream of motherhood was fulfilled before my own mother passed on, it was always my greatest fear that my parents would not be around when I finally achieved the dream.

So here’ to the two most important girls in my life…. my amazing, strong, loving, self sacrificing mother & my miracle daughter.