Being Blessed & Protecting My Blessing

I read Melinda’s blog this morning and found myself nodding my head and agreeing with everything that she had to say and with counting the very same blessings that she is counting.

Walter and I too have had those horrible conversations that two people in a committed, loving relationship should ever have to have, I too have told him, no, begged him on occasion, to leave me, to find another partner, one who could give him a child that was biologically his own and one that could do it without spending thousands of rands on invasive fertility treatment.

We have fought and had our hearts broken and our marriage tested in ways that many people cannot even begin to imagine.

We learned how to give up hope. We lost faith. We nearly lost each other. And then Ava-Grace was born in in an instant everything changed! She healed our hearts, she restored our hope & our faith, she made us believe in miracles and she has taught us that all the things we never thought we’d get to experience, we now finally get to enjoy.

We find pleasure in all the everyday things that I’m sure some parents take for granted. Even just having her help me decorate our Christmas tree a couple of weeks ago, had me with tears streaming down my face, I never ever ever ever believed that one day I too would be able to do something so simple as watch the joy and excitement on my very own child’s face as she got to help decorate a Christmas tree.

She is our everything. We love her fiercely and intensely and I believe we love her in the same way and with the same intensity that a parent loves a biological child. There is no difference, as far as I am concerned, it is not possible to love more intensely and more deeply than we do already, for Ava-Grace.

And it is for all those reason’s that both Walter and I will protect her fiercely. Anyone that took exception to her race, to her being adopted, would not be welcome as part of our lives. Anyone who made nasty remarks, no matter how subtle they may have seemed, would not be welcome in our lives.

Anyone that see’s Ava as less than will not be apart of our lives.

I’m not really sure what the point was of this posting, but it’s a thought that has been bumping around inside my head for sometime now and I really just wanted to put it out there.




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