I still can’t believe this is my life. I still can’t believe that after seven and a half years of heartache and heartbreak, we finally have the miracle child we’ve so longed for. Christmas this year was better than any of my wildest imaginings!

My family are visiting from Cape Town, so we were all together and able to celebrate Ava’s first Christmas. Not that she took too much notice, she spent it all sleeping. But it was a very special and significant time for both W and I.

Not only did our little girl get spoiled rotten, but so did I. My darling husband and I have had this long standing joke, that the day I gave birth to our first child, he would buy me a diamond eternity ring. Of course, I never gave birth and never thought about this long standing joke between us, till Christmas morning when I was presented with a tiny wrapped box and you know, dynamite comes in small packages right??? My darling husband spoiled me with a diamond and tanzanite (Ava’s birth stone) eternity ring for Christmas this year, he says I may not have laboured for her birth, but I laboured seven and a half years for her arrival in our life!

I still feel like I’m living in some kind of fairy tale, somebody elses richly blessed life, I have to pinch myself still to believe it.

Of course, I have not forgotten where I have come from and realize that Christmas is still a very painful time for so many of my special friends. My Christmas prayer this is that all of your dreams may be granted in the coming year and that you have peace and joy regardless of the direction your lives may take.

Oh and just a little brag – my angel enjoying a Sunday morning nap, I can’t believe she’s two weeks old today!