I’ve been travelling for business a lot over the last few weeks. In the past couple of months, I’ve spent more than 12 days travelling and it’s been hard. I’ve missed my family. I’ve missed my girls. So on my first week back home after being away for an extended trip, I wanted to do something special with them. Some quality family time. 

I wanted to have a picnic.

Only, it’s been so ridiculously hot in Jozi over the past few days that none of us could actually face leaving the house and the pleasure of our swimming pool, to visit the botanical gardens, for a picnic, like I’d planned. So instead, we had a Barni Bear Picnic at home!

My girls are Barni Bear crazy….

Which you’d know if you’ve followed my blog for any period of time, or check us out on Instagram.

So I’d set up everything for a special family picnic but when I announced it to everyone, there was a whole bunch of moaning and groaning. Que my disappointment. Which I quickly recovered from when I realized that there was a whole bunch of advantages to having a picnic in our garden. We could swim. My husband could have beer and I could have bubbles! And the kids could have fun.

And obviously, our dogs could get in on the action too!

Barni Bear

Guys, my kids are Barni Bear crazy! It’s their favorite occasional treat for their lunch boxes and apparently for picnics, even picnics at home, too! 

Barni Sponge Cakes fit perfectly into the hands of little ones and are the perfect alternative treat for children, ages three to seven years old, and older kids too! Ava is almost 8 and she’s still Barni Bear crazy. The spongy bear cakes, with their soft milk and chocolate flavoured fillings are a mouth-watering treat that invites kids’ to explore, while feeding their body with yummy ingredients.

Keeping it real…

Yeah, my house was a mess, I’m in a swim suit, I have no make up on, but we had a fantastic, relaxed afternoon of eating, drinking and swimming. Picnic’s at home FTW!

Where is your favorite place to go on a picnic?