When Ava was born, the first thing I noticed as she crowned was the huge mass of dark hair she had. Then shortly after she was born, a lot of it fell out (except the hair on her crown) and then it all started growing like crazy again. In the past year, I have cut her hair 4 times as the hair at the base of her neck started growing down her back, making it some kind of a version of a baby mullet, something neither Walter nor I were keen on.

Her hair has changed quite drastically over the past 11 months, its definitely started to get curlier and in places it is quite fair, so I suspect she may land up with curly, golden hair like her birth mom (and much like my own “natural” hair).

Her crown still has that very thick, very dark hair she’s had since birth and its been getting longer and longer and messier and messier and so this weekend we decided it was time for her to pay a visit to the hairdresser. We decided to take her to Chop It, a specialist childrens hair salon close to our home on Saturday afternoon after her Kinder Music Christmas party. When we arrived, there were lots of screaming toddlers and children and I was sure we were in for the same. But our little sausage surprised us by sitting quietly throughout her haircut, happy to play with the toy she was given and watch Barney on the TV in front of her.


Getting started...
All done!

And the certificate to prove it:


The Proof!

Its taken some getting used to seen as her hair is now the shortest it has ever been, even when she was born. But now all the baby “fluff” if gone and its just real hair left behind.

And to prove she’s a big girl, here she is sitting in her big girl chair with her big girl hair:


Such A Big Girl!

Ok, so Mom’s, here’s the question, which shampoo do you use on your babies/toddlers/children with lots of hair, not the baldies. Because I’m finding that the Elizabeth Anne’s and Johnson’s is too drying for her very thick, somewhat curly hair?

I’ve also been very emotional the last few days, every time I hear Christmas carols I start crying thinking back on this time last year. And yes I know my life is perfect, gush, gush and all that, but I will be doing a series of posts on “this time last year” starting today.

This time last year, I was VERY depressed. We’d sent off our profile two weeks earlier and hadn’t heard anything. I’d just gotten my first “normal” period after my miscarriage. Christmas was fast approaching and we were once again, facing the festive season, childless, with all that that means. We went shopping to buy our Christmas gifts and in the process I managed to convince Walter to buy an outrageously expensive LCD, big screen TV. My motivation? We’d received his retrenchment package and our bonuses and had all this money stored up and were no where nearer to having a child, so why the hell not spoil ourselves. I remember walking through the mall with our TV in a box on a trolley being pushed long with us and being excited about getting home to set it up. Little did I know that in less than 24 hours both Walter and I would take a turn at phoning the retailer and BEGGING them to let us return the TV and get our money back, money we’d sorely need for maternity leave!