So, a couple of my IF sista’s are moving on to Gestone shots with their next attempts and I’ve been pumped full of questions about these specific shots as they try to mentally prepare themselves. We have all heard the horror stories  from various sources how bad this injection is and most of us are therefore terrified (well as terrified as anyone who’s able to stab needles into themselves can be).

So Sista’s here’s the deal…… its NOT that bad!

What makes the Gestone more sore than the regular stimming injections like Menopur, Cetrotide, Lucrin or Gonal F and the trigger shots like Ovidrell is two things…..

The first is the mother big needle that is used and the second is that its a very thick oil based injection. The needle needs to be thick in order to be able to release the oil and the needle has to be long in order that it gets into the muscle of your buttocks.

Here is just a little comparison to give you an idea:

Ovidrell Needle = half an inch in length

Menopur Needle = half an inch in length

Gestone Needle = One and a half inches in length

I still have not managed to do this shot myself, mostly because its in a very awkward spot, high up on the top of one’s buttocks, its fine sticking the needle in, but a bit more difficult pushing the fluid through. I’ve tried to convince W to do these shots for me, but he’s too terrified by the size of the needle. He came with me for a lesson in how to administer the shot on Friday, his reaction was hilarious, I had my pants yanked down and had assumed the position, I heard the nurse explaining all the instructions to him and as she stuck the needle in, I heard him suddenly suck in his breath and her ask him if he was ok and that perhaps he should sit down. When I looked behind me, the man was as white as snow and I was convinced he was going to pass out, his eyes were even watering!!!!

I have found that the Gestone shots seem to go in easier if you warm the oil to body temperature so what I do, about 15 minutes before the shot, is I tuck the ampule into my bra, that way the oil is more liquid on administration and it seems to disperse into the muscle tissue easier and burn less.

High up on my buttocks I have some sensitivity as a result of these daily injections but its not nearly as bad as I’d been anticipating. I guess a lot of it depends how far you are along this journey, but I’m into my 5th IVF and probably about my 10th or 11th round of treatment with daily injectables for some period, so for me, its no better or no worse than what has gone before and the biggest bonus of all??? No Crinone burn and no Cyclogest mess!!!