This child of mine! She has Walter & I in stitches with the funny things she comes up with. We’re going through the “no” phase! So everything we ask of her, she responds with a shake of her head and a resounding and firm “NO!”.

“Ava, would you like some yoghurt?”

“no!” *shakes head*

“Ava, shall we go and get dressed?”

“NO!” *shakes head*

“Ba Ba Black Sheep, have you any wool?”

“NO!” *shakes head*

She really does just get cuter and cuter and funnier and funnier all the time! Last night, we were in fits of laughter. But it also became abundantly clear just how built-in maternal instinct is, for some of us more than others, the instinct to nurture is so strong and so visible from such an early age – the force, she is strong in this one!

Safely tucked in & ready to go walking...
Yes, yes, it’s a tiny teddy!