As a blogger, I get invited to a lot of really cool events and experiences and when I first set out, I used to say yes to everything. 

Learning to say no.

But I made a promise to myself a while ago that I was going to learn to say no to more things. Saying no is not an easy concept for me. I suffer with terrible fomo and always want to be involved in everything.

The truth about events….

Is that not all events are created equal. And honestly, some of them are not a whole lot of fun. And as a blogger, I am there to work. Let’s face facts, I’m not being invited because of my pretty face or sparkling personality. I know this, I’m there because the event organizers want to reach you guys and the way they do that is through me. 

No social butterfly!

A lot of the events are single invites and I hate attending events on my own. I know I put up a brave front, but I can be terribly socially awkward so I am always hesitant to attend an event when I probably won’t know anyone. Also, my husband is even more socially awkward than I am and he pretty much hates attending events with me. 

Learning to be selective.

And that’s why I’ve started saying no to so many of the event invites I receive. Honestly, as a full time working mother, my free time is precious. And I don’t want to spend it alone at an event trying to not stick out like a sore thumb. I’ve started being quite cheeky actually. I’ve started asking event organizers to allow me to bring a friend. And I’m really selective about the events I do attend, so if you see me tweeting, Instagramming or Face Booking an event, you know it’s because I really wanted to be there.


I received an invitation to this event a few weeks ago and I knew it would be one I wanted to attend. It was a Croc City, on a Sunday and my whole family was invited. I knew that Ava & Hannah would love it and that my husband would probably complain but go along with it.

When we arrived yesterday, we were all armbanded and the kids raced off to go and play. Walter and I were led through to the main area and each given an apron. I saw my husband literally shooting daggers at me from his eyes. Turned out, the invite was very literal, we were at a cookout and all people in attendance were responsible for the actual cooking.

They had divided the entire outdoor area into food prep and cooking zones and we were assigned our cooking team.

Our menu included chocolate, chilli chicken wings as a starter. Biltong and avo, black pepper steaks with salads and brownies and braaipie!

We were on the steak team…

And quickly got to work prepping our steaks as we had to prep and cook 10 steaks each.

My kids had a blast….

And believe it or not, my husband did too! We got to watch the crocs being fed while waiting for the food to finish. Then everyone tucked into the delicious meal on offer. The décor was fabulous. The DJ was epic. People were eating and dancing and having a great time while our kids were being supervised by childminders.

Ava, my little animal lover, was in her element!

Hannah, my less adventurous & sensory child was less than impressed by the crocs, snakes and tortoises but she did eventually manage to relax and had loads of fun on the jumping castles.

My husband was happy because he got to meet one of his favourites, don’t even ask me guys, but this is apparently Vaatjie and he stars in a local rugby chat show called Toks & Tjops or something like that. Walter, who is probably the shyest person you could ever meet was so excited, he even asked for a photo with him!

And we were totally spoiled with goodie bags when we left that left that had my husband smiling from ear to ear, goodie bags filled with braai accessories, right up his alley! 

When we got in the car to leave, he actually said and I quote: “What a fantastic event!”

Thank you so much Builders Warehouse for hosting and inviting us to such a fantastic event! You can be sure your goodie bag of braai accessories will be put to good use because WE LIKE TO BRAAI!