I love looking at the search terms used to find my blog, the bulk of these usually relate to fertility treatment and/or adoption but once in a while my blog is found using search terms that shock me, sadden me or make me realize just how full of stupid the world is!

Here are a few of my favourites from the last few months:

How old is Dr Volskenk & is her single?

Err… can you spell I.N.A.P.P.R.O.P.R.I.A.T.E.?

Bum Food?

I don’t think I even want to know WHAT this person is looking for or how on earth my blog relates to that search term in ANY way!

Beautiful Grannies Or Trannies! 


Hello pity!

Or did you mean Hello Kitty?

Can taking the morning after pill weekly cause barrenness?

Come here so I can smack you upside the head! Use a condom not only will it prevent pregnancy but also HIV and other STD’s and it won’t make you barren!

Allow itself to be eaten after sex spider!

Again, how? How? How? does that point to ANYTHING on this blog?????

Itchy Bum!

Again… how? Just how?
Oh and… de-worm yourself!
But the one that really broke my heart………

In the midst of our 60 days, will our birth mother change her mind again??

*sob* I’m so sorry your birth mother retracted consent, I can only begin to imagine your pain!