I was supposed to go for my blood test today, but it will be a total waste of time and money. My temps are showing a distinct dip today and I’m on the 15th day of my lutheal phase which is normally only 14 days so I’m pretty sure I’ll be on CD1 tomorrow.

So I’ve emailed Dr G and asked him to make a note on my file that I’ll be going for a CD2 scan on Wednesday/Thursday this week and starting another round of Femara and then we’ll be seeing him for a consultation on Friday and to discuss a POAgoing forward. I just didn’t want to waste this cycle doing nothing so we’ll be doing more of the same with perhaps another PC Test and then from next cycle we’ll do whatever we decide on in our meeting on Friday. I’m thinking a few IUI’s with some gentle stimms, but who knows.

I often wonder if he has a lot of patients like me? I mean most patients at least go for their blood tests when they’re told, I don’t. I know I’m not pregnant and therefore despite all their urging I refuse to go. People who have been doing this so long that we could, potentially do our own rounds of fertility treatment. As an example I emailed him this morning to ask that he make a note on my file that whoever scans me this week gives me a script for double dose of Femara to be taken from CD3 to CD7. I mean I know which meds I need, I know when they need to be taken, I know how the injections need to be administered. I can see my own follicles on the scan machine and can check my own lining as well. I’m sure all this experiencemust on some level make me a slightly more difficult patient. Also with my experience at my previous clinic, I have learnt to question EVERYTHING and accept nothing at face value and poor Vitalab are paying for the sins of my previous specialist. I’m sure Dr G would like nothing more than to see me get pregnant and carry past 3 months just so that he doesn’t have to constantly respond to my barrage of sms’s and email.

I dont’ want to do any hectic treatments a now, its only October and already the silly season as started. W and I are booked for something every single weekend till after Christmas so I really want to take it easy on the fertility front and just enjoy this time of year.