There is a very interesting article in the May edition of Your Baby Mag – Can Babies Remember Their Births?

After reading the article I decided to give it a try with Ava, really not expecting much at all but I was totally blown away by what she said!

She was in the bath and I was sitting on the floor next to her and we were having a little quiet chat, so I thought it would be the perfect time, while I had her undivided attention, to ask her if she remembered and what she remembered. I never asked her any leading questions and I have never discussed her birth with her before so she could not have picked up on anything said to her previously.

She told me she did remember and when I asked her what she remembered she told me that it hurt and she was crying  and there were a lot of people (her birth mother, our social worker, 2 midwives and myself – this part she obviously doesn’t know) and then she got scared.

It kind of all tied in perfectly with what I remember from her birth. She did come out crying but very briefly and our birth mother had requested that she be given to me and as soon as she was placed in my arms she was dead silent and staring and remained that way as she was introduced to Walter as well.

This photo was taken about 20 minutes after birth.

So what are your thoughts? Do you think babies can remember? Do you think it’s a lot of hogwash? I’m nto sure what I think but what if it were true???