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Careers Day taught me I did NOT miss my calling as a teacher!

Career’s day … for Grade R’s… sounds like fun right? That’s what I thought too when I saw the notice in Ava’s comm’s book, requesting that parents sign up as exhibitors for the Grade R career’s day which was yesterday.

Between Walter and I, we always try to have at least one of us attending any school function or special event. Too many times we’ve attended these events and noted the little lost souls wondering around amongst all the happy kids hosting their parent(s) at an event and I just cannot do that to my kids. If they’re having a function or a special event, Walter or I or both of us are ALWAYS in attendance. Some things are negotiable but this rule is not. I want my children to always know how important they are to me and my employer will always need to understand my need to put my children first and to be in attendance at the events and functions.

So I signed up as an exhibitor for Career’s Day. Why not, I wanted to be there and having worked in the video game industry for a decade this year, I figured the kids would love it and I’d definitely score some cool points with Ava.

Our marketing team were amazing in scratching out all sorts of Skylander related marketing goodies for me to use on my stand and Ava’s reaction when she saw everything on Tuesday afternoon… utterly speechless followed by exclamations of “oh my word… oh my word…” and then a request for me to ask my boss to give her ALL the things!


Yesterday I arrived at the school at 8am for the set up in the school hall prior to the start of the event, armed with display material, Skylanders video’s and a Skylander Trap Team for Tablet that the kids could all have a turn playing, along with Skylander colouring in pages for them to take home and colour in and of course… Skylanders cupcakes.




And by 09h15 all 157 Grade R’s started streaming into the hall, divided up into groups of 5 and being chaperoned by volunteering parents. There was much excitement at the site of my stand, the kids loved the Skylander toys, the colouring in and the cupcakes, but most of all, they loved the actual game play, which resulted in long lines as everyone insisted on waiting their turn pushing and shoving each other and running away from the designated chaperons so they could come back to my stand and wait their turn push an shove each other for another turn at the game.




I also had to engage my super power of using the eyes in the back of my head to watch the hundreds of grubby little hands that grabbed onto everything on the stand, asked a million questions at motor mouth speed and just generally were over excited and hyped up on sugar rushes from all the treats and exciting things to view at their exhibition.

By the end of it, I was hot and sweaty and flustered as all hell and itching to yank a plakkie off my foot and dish out a few klaps!

Two conclusions from yesterday:

I did NOT miss my calling as a teacher, serious respect to all teachers out there, I could not do that on a daily basis, no ways, uh-uh.

And it was totally work it because my daughter thinks I’m a rock star and that’s ALL that matters!




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