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#CarseatFullstop – Everything You Need To Know

The thing that has astounded me the most about the #CarseatFullstop campaign is the level of kick back I’ve personally received and, I know others on the campaign have too, from parents who want to argue the merits of the research or the findings of the research that has gone into road safety for children and car seats. Everything from how inconvenient they are to how expensive they are. And I get it you guys. This campaign has totally opened my eyes too and it’s left me feeling inadequate and guilty. I always thought I was doing right by my children, then I was invited to be apart of this campaign and I was blown away by how little we know, how poorly that knowledge has been communicated and how little knowledgeable support is available out there when purchasing the right car seat for our children. And that’s why the #CarseatFullstop campaign is so important for me as a parent and for you too!

But here’s the thing, when we know better, we do better. So now I know and I’m doing better and you are too. 

Here is a snap shot of everything you need to know about car seats for your kids throughout their age groups:



If you would like more information on this topic, you can download a highly informative and free Children and Cars Manual here! 

And remember to keep sharing. If we reach even one parent, we have the chance to save a life. 
#CarseatFullstop is sponsored by Volvo Cars. You can download the free Children and Cars Manual here.

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