I found this great site, Birth Care, it allows you to track your babies growth online with a height and weight chart. Only draw back is that is that we need to use a metric conversion calculator but its pretty cool to be able to accurately measure Ava’s development.

We’ve long suspected that although Ava started out life on the small end of the scale that we in fact had a super model in the making and judging from the results of these charts, we’re not far wrong. Ava has grown into a rather large baby. Long and lanky! While she falls into the 77 percentile for weight, she falls into the 95th percentile for height.  To fully understand what these measurements imply, I went in search of what the percentile measurements actually mean and this is the definition:

What does “percentile” mean?

It’s easiest to explain this by example. If your 3-month-old son is in the 40th percentile for weight and the 80th for height, for instance, that means 40 percent of 3-month-old boys in the United States weigh the same as or less than your baby and 60 percent weigh more. Similarly, 80 percent of boys his age are the same length as or shorter than your child and 20 percent are longer.

This means that at 7 months old, Ava is on the 75th percentile for weight, meaning that 75% of baby girls her age weigh the same as or less than her and 25% weight more. And for height, this means that 95% of baby girls her age are the same height or smaller and only 5% are taller than she is. Which leads me to the long and lanky deduction, here are her charts:

Ava Grace's Weight Chart
Ava Grace's Height Chart

She is doing very very well and we’re so proud of her. Everyone told me she would get cuter and cuter as the time past and that has been no lie. In the last week she has learned two new habits… Kissing! Which just melts my heart and reaching out for me if she wants to be picked up or come to me if she’s being held by someone else. Its very cute when I walk into her room after a sleep and she stretches out her arms to be picked up.

We have started her on protein now as well, yesterday I made her some Chicken and Veggies using a recipe from my Annabel Karmel book, I braised some leaks and chopped up skinless chicken breasts, then I poached them in chicken stock with some frozen veg and liquidized the whole lot and she LOVED it!

I’m going to prepare her some extra lean mince and veggies as well this week and see how that goes. I’m still liquidizing things quite fine as she really doesn’t like too much texture and we’ll slowly slowly start changing that and making her food more textured.

I can’t believe in two short days my baby will be 7 months old, the time has absolutely flown by!