We have had a rough couple of weeks. In the past two weeks Ava’s daytime sleep routine has come to a screeching halt! To say that it is exhausting and difficult is an under statement. Its all consuming and exhausting and most of the time I’m about ready to pass out by 5 pm. Ava is now awake daily from around 10am till between 20h00 – 21h00. Now for those of you thinking: “aah cute you get to play with her all day”, let me explain.

  1. Its only cute to play with a baby all day when its not your own and you’re not the one that has to deal with over stimulation and bad sleeping patterns that night.
  2. Its only cute to play with a baby all day when its once in a while, not when its every single day and you cannot even go to the toilet or have a drink of water for 14 days straight.
  3. Its very bad for her development, sleeping is very important for her development, a baby of her age should only be awake for between 45 minutes to an hour at a time, NOT 10 hours at a time.

So in desperation last week I took her to the pead for a check up. He was convinced he had found the problem –  she’s constipated! And once the constipation was resolved her normal sleep routines would return. Granted, she was constipated and her stools are looking normal again and she’s not crying when she passes a stool but sadly, her normal sleep routines have not returned. I am eternally grateful to Sassycupcakes for the hug-a-bub, its the only way to get Ava to sleep during the day, I keep her strapped to my chest at all times, I go to the loo like this, I cook dinner like this, I eat like this…. you get the picture.

If it seems like she’s asleep, as soon as I put her down in her cot, its not even 5 minues and she wakes up and starts crying. I’ve read Sleep Sense and have implemented all of their principles, which up until 2 weeks ago, worked like a charm. But its as if this child cannot fall asleep anymore. And when she does she wakes up within a couple of minutes and she’s startled and we have to start the process all over again. She’s also not sleeping peacefully, there is a lot of groaning and grunting and her arms and legs thrash about all the time. Swaddling doesn’t help as she thrashes about so much that within minutes her feet are exposed and her arms have popped out the top of the swaddling. We’ve now taken to putting her into a Baba Bag (a sleeping bag that zips up around her and has straps over her arms like dungaree’s so her feet stay covered) and then swaddling her on top of that to try and keep her arms still and her feeling secure.

In desperation, I found out about a chiropractor that specializes in chiropractic paediatrics and it turns out she’s the partner of my chiropractor, so off we went to see Sam this morning. I didn’t realize that chiro’s could help for more than just baby colic, they can assist with all of these problems:

She checked Ava out and wouldn’t you just know it, there is trauma/tension on Ava’s left side, especially around her pelvis and her neck, apparently, this would explain her sleeping difficulties and constipation and Sam reckons with about 6 to 10 session, every second day, we should get her sleeping more peacefully. The problem lies with imbalance between her para sympathetic and sympathetic nervous systems which means that she’s in fight or flight mode pretty much all the time and would explain why she can’t fall asleep by herself, is easily startled and almost permanently over stimulated. She’s encouraged me to keep her in the hug-a-bub for the time being as it keeps her secure until we can get the problem resolved.

And by then, I reckon I’ll be needing a visit to her partner, Gary, for my broken back!