Between Walter and I, we have managed to royally duff up all the Christmas excitement for Ava. Both of us are feeling rather guilty and dejected that despite our best laid plans, things have gone wrong, horribly wrong in the eyes of our 4 year old!

After driving around, in what can only be described as a modern day Santa Sleigh, for the past week, with all the Christmas shopping shoved in the boot of my car, on Saturday night, once we were well and truly convinced that Ava was sound asleep, we set about wrapping the mountain of Christmas gifts…. I roped Walter in to help and we were finally finished just after 11pm!


After some thought, we decided to hide the Christmas presents in the shower of the SQ outside, we were sure this was the perfect hiding place as Ava has no reason to go out there with Eva and Aaron away on leave and we both congratulated ourselves on such a clever plan, both of us forgetting Walter’s OCD nature when it comes to cleaning….

Ja, on Sunday morning, Walter HAD TO HAD TO HAD TO wash the rug in Ava’s room and so he carried it outside to give it a good clean, heading to the SQ to collect the scrubbing brushes etc…. Too late, he realized that his shadow had followed him in there, when she loudly exclaimed: “Oh MY GOSH! Are all these presents for me???”

Now not only did we fail… we then proceeded to spin a massive web of lies to keep the fantasy of Father Christmas alive for her. We told her Eva had left those presents there for her children, we told her they were gifts for children who didn’t have mommy’s and daddy’s to help the write letters to Father Christmas. We told her anything and everything in a desperate attempt to make her think those presents weren’t for her and that Father Christmas was still on his way! And now we’re just hoping she forgets about them or doesn’t recognize them when Santa does his mysterious delivery!

I was beginning to worry that she was perhaps suspicious and no longer believed in Father Christmas but our next faux pas proved me wrong. I’d sent Ava a personal message from Santa at the portable North Pole in which he had informed her that she hand’t quite made it onto his nice list and may not be getting any presents….. horrible I know, but Santa is a GREAT motivating/parental blackmailing tool and after she had achieved what I had been hoping and she had been rather unimpressed to discover she hadn’t made his nice list on viewing the first video!

Ava was unimpressed to discover she hadn’t made it onto Santa’s nice list!

I wanted to resend her a video from Santa telling her she’d been good and was now on his nice list and would be receiving Christmas presents. I went onto the website and made the necessary edits to our video and had it resent to her. With much excitement, we told her that Santa had sent her a new message because she’d been such a good girl. She was SO excited to find out that she’d made it back onto his nice list. Only …. there must have been some technical glitch and instead of loading the amended nice video, it replayed the naughty video.

Poor child BURST into tears and stormed off in a terrible state that Santa wasn’t coming even though she’d done everything he’d asked of her. Walter proceeded to tell her that he was going to kick that old man’s arse… to which she sobbed even more and told him you NEVER EVER kick old men!

Hopefully our Christmas luck improves from here on out…