5 Ways I’m Claiming Back My Value

Last week, I shared about working mom’s knowing their value and not under valuing themselves. And then over the weekend, this tweet was shared with me and I’ve been unable to get it out of my mind ever since. I’ve spent a lot of time reflecting on this sentiment and I’ve found it to be 100% true! 

After a lot of reflection, I realised that the root cause of my dissatisfaction came from feeling under valued and so I have set about a plan to change all that! 

Here’s how I’m claiming back my value!

I won’t be held back by fear anymore.

Not fear of the unknown. I have one life to live and I plan to grab it by the horns and ride it! For too long, I’ve allowed myself to be under valued and my self confidence has taken a HUGE knock because of it and all because of fear, fear of the unknown, fear of change because change is uncomfortable. Well, to here and no further! 

I came up with a plan & I started to execute it.

Having a plan, especially when you’re practically paralysed by fear is essential. And as scary as that was, my plan is in full swing. I pin pointed what needed to be changed and what I needed to do and I’ve set in motion the steps necessary to make those changes.

I’m working hard at not comparing myself to anyone.

Because I am unique and no one is like me, just like I am like no one. Comparison is the thief of joy and it’s stolen enough from me. I am valuable. I am worth it! I am unique. I am relevant. I am powerful. I am talented. And I have something to offer. And the ones who lose are the ones who can’t recognise that.

Taking and creating opportunities for myself. 

Watch this space. I spent a lot of time thinking about this. What I want. What I think my strengths are. What I think I have to offer. And instead of waiting for an opportunity to land in my lap, I went out and made some opportunities happen for me. I’m very excited about this. I’m going to name, claim and grab every opportunity that comes my way. 

Connecting & sharing with others.

This has been key for me. My blog, as much as it’s a hobby and a passion of mine, has served me so well over the years. It’s been a great source of pride and passion for me, but it has also kept me accountable and kept me motivated when I set goals for myself. I’ve used my blog connections to connect with others and to make and create opportunities and I’m using you all to keep me accountable.

Did this resonate with you?

Are you struggling with your self worth? With feeling under valued? Have you allowed an external source to devalue you and rob you of your self confidence in the process? Do you want to walk this journey with me? 

Stay tuned….. big things are happening! 


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