The longer I am a mother, the more run in’s I have with competitive mommy types aka Momzilla’s! What is up with that?

In my limited experience/knowledge of motherhood, having your baby teethe all 20 of his teeth at the same time and at 6 weeks old does not mean that you have baby Einstein on your handsΒ  while the rest of us who’s babies cut their first teeth at… oh.. I dunno… 8 months old are stuck with the intellectually challenged.

Having your baby sit/stand/walk/crawl/hold his own bottle/sleep through the night/say his first words 5 months before those of us lumped with the intellectually challenged, does not mean that you got a race horse while the rest of us landed up with dud’s.

It drives me absolutely insane that I can’t say the smallest thing about Ava to some friends in conversation or on FaceBook without receiving a comment from a momzilla type pointing out to me that my child is a lame-o because their child, who’s like 12 months younger than my child has been doing x-y-z for the last two years.

Ok, a bit of exaggeration on my part I know but please tell me I’m not the only Mamma who has experienced this. Of course I get that every Mommy thinks she’s got a thoroughbred race horse on her hands but seriously what is up with always having to make other mom’s feel bad?

And now, a piccie of my little thoroughbred: πŸ™‚