Yesterday, I told you about the shocking “safety” standards that are used by most school transport companies and our terrible experience.

Obviously, we fired our school transport company with immediate effect, or rather, they gave us notice till the end of the month and informed us we were being unreasonable and needed to find another transport company. But I was not prepared to have my children travel with them for one more day!

This left us in a VERY difficult position.

I start my new job this week and my husband works in Fourways, so it’s difficult to commit to having one of us collect our kids from school everyday. Thank goodness for Cool (kids’) Cabs, who stepped up to assist us! They are one of the few, if not the only, school transport company endorsed by both Wheel Well and #CarseatFullstop.

Cool Kid’s Cab’s is the safest school transport option, and here’s why:

The Cool (kids’) Cabs is a premium service with their core focus being on safety first. Just some of the reason’s I have fallen in love with their service:

All female drivers!

And they have to be experienced in child care, with a valid driver’s license for transporting passengers and have had 5 years accident free driving. They are also all trained in first aid and sent on an advanced driving course as well as an anti-hijacking course. Find out more about the extensive interviewing and training that the CKC drivers receive here. It’s flipping impressive. 

Safety First!

They never transport more than 4 children at a time, ever. Your child or children get a dedicated driver on a dedicated route, which means that your kids are not left waiting around while the transport collects other kids. Every vehicle is fitted with and every child required to sit in a car seat or a booster seat! When you fill in your initial registration form, on completing your child’s age, they will select an appropriate car seat on your behalf, whether it’s a rear facing seat, forward facing car seat, booster seat or half booster depending on your child’s age. They have you covered.  Car seats are NOT optional

The vehicles!

Their vehicles are  tracked 24.7 from a control room. Which means that I get an automated SMS when the driver leaves the school after collecting my kids and another one, after she has dropped off my kids. And it’s completely hands free, the driver never once has to use her cell phone. It also means that the control room knows exactly where my kids are en route and can pick up on any sudden deviations or delays and keep in contact with the drivers at all times.

It also means that the drivers behavior on the road is monitored at all times with the addition of onboard cameras. In addition, the vehicles are fitted with crash sensors which allow them, God forbid, to dispatch emergency services should your driver be in an accident. 

Oh and did I mention…. Car seats are not an OPTION they’re a PREREQUISITE 

Cool (kids’) Cabs has given me tremendous peace of mind. I know that road safety and travelling safely with my children is their top priority. They don’t treat themselves as just a transport company and think they can get away with the lack of safety standards that other transport companies use. They hold themselves accountable and offer my children the very best safety features and standards available.

Find out more about Cool (kids’) Cabs premium service and costs here:

And in case you needed even more reasons to love Cool (kids’) Cabs, not only are they endorsed by Wheel Well and #CarseatFullstop, but they’re doing their bit to ensure more kids have access to car seats too!

Thank you Cool (kids’) Cabs for stepping up to help! I can’t tell you the peace of mind I have knowing my children are being transported safely and they’re having fun too! They both just ADORE Florence and Phumzile!